Know a Business That Needs Better, Faster, Smarter Marketing?

Why Not Help Us Help Them and Help Yourself in the Process?

Join our referral program and get $1,000* for each friend, business associate, or client who signs with us! Plus, they get a $1,000 credit upon signing**!



Who Should Join the Referral Network?

Here are a few types of businesses who love to refer INSTANTEDGE.

IEM Clients

If you already do business with us, then here's your opportunity to create another win-win.

Industry Consultants

Help your clients grow their business better, faster, smarter, and with greater confidence.

SMB Service Providers

Compliment your current solutions by extending the value you bring to your clients.
Mike McMorris
BIO Bridging Intelligence

"They were always quite open to hear our thoughts. Our confidence grew early on, earlier than I expected. they do care about your future, they are looking for a win-win, they listen, and they know marketing."

Frank Nieuwkoop
Valecraft Homes

Join Our Referral Program and Give $1,000** Plus Get $1,000!*

"I find it nice to have a whole host of minds, talents, skills and styles available. It gives us the opportunity to put something out in a video or infographic, without tapping the same resources, so not everything has the same look. It is always fresh."

Pam Poehlmann 

Instant Impact

Instant marketing impact and long term competitive advantage.

Marketing Leadership

Fulltime marketing leadership on a part-time budget.

Low Risk, High Return

Complete marketing services for the cost of the average VP of marketing.
PLUS!  You Get $1,000 and Your Client Gets $1,000*

3 Step Process

A three-step onboarding process designed to mitigate risk at each phase.

Sales Alignment

Alignment between sales objectives and marketing efforts.

Reasons to Refer INSTANTEDGE

When you refer INSTANTEDGE you get the benefit of knowing that your friends, clients, and business associates will get:

When you refer INSTANTEDGE Marketing to a friend, business associate or client, you can count on us to create a true win-win experience for everyone!

Help your friends, business associates, and clients grow their business better, faster, smarter.

They will get instant marketing impact and long-term competitive advantage, plus a $1,000 credit*

You will get a $1,000 cash! Plus you'll gain recognition for helping to further the growth and prosperity of their business. 

INSTANTEDGE benefits from a reduced sales cycle, a prequalified client, and we're able to pay it forward with savings for to you and your friend, business associate, or client.

Why does this referral program work so well?

Give $1,000

Get $1,000!

Our 3 STEP Process for creating instant marketing impact and long-term competitive advantage.


"When we are spending money on marketing and advertising, we need to know "what's our success rate?" They helped us do that. We can now measure how successful that campaign was."


It focuses on people helping people get better, faster, smarter business results.

It's designed to make it easy to participate, by leveraging trusted relationships and offering benefits to them.

It lets referrers extend the value they deliver without adding new competencies.

It's managed and delivered by a brand with outstanding credentials.

It’s designed so that you can participate as a referrer or referee.

Education-Based Marketing EDGEPlan

We work with clients to develop a complete Education-based Marketing EDGEPlan that will identify critical benchmarks for success and define all marketing tasks to be completed in order to reach those benchmarks.


Plan the Work

During the campaign development and optimization phase, where necessary, we will revamp, create, recreate, and optimize a complete set of marketing campaign assets to support the goals outlined in your Education-Based Marketing EDGEPlan.


Do the Work

Campaign Development & Optimization of Your Current Marketing

Implementation and Managed Marketing Services

Our Monthly Retainer Packages are designed for you to have INSTANTEDGE fulfill all key marketing tasks as outlined in your Education-Based Marketing EDGEPlan and help clients achieve your goals.


Work the Plan

Who Would Benefit Most From Your Referrals?

Business owners or decision makers within highly competitive organizations who have any number of the following characteristics. 
Annual Revenue greater than  $20 Million
Business Owner Sales Leader
Sales Team

(5-50 reps)

CRM System in place
No in-house marketing department
May be considering changing agency

$20M +


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*For each referral that you make to INSTANTEDGE Marketing, and the person receiving that referral completes the request form, participates in our assessment call, and becomes a qualified lead, you as the referrer will receive $250. Once the person receiving the referral becomes a client, you as the referrer will receive an additional $750. **For each receiver of a referral that becomes a client of INSTANTEDGE Marketing, we will give that new client a $1,000 credit to be applied to their investment in an Inbound Marketing EDGEPlan.